Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Amazing Plink

What I want to say is ‘you must try this game yourself!’. A unique puzzle game with interesting colors here there and everywhere, you can enjoy cute pictures, with great user interface you can easily understand how this game work.
A simple yet challenging game, at each level you completed you will get piece of jigsaw u need to complete your jigsaw puzzle.

What makes plink unique?
This game remind me of an old similar game, but Plink has it uniqueness coz' here we can eliminating the tiles with same picture in many ways over another tiles, and whenever we got difficulties we can always use the helps we got.
see this video

The time bar on the left screen will be emptied as the time goes. Find as many ways as you can to eliminate the tiles and the time bar will be filled up. When the time bar is full then you have clear the level.

When we clear one level we will get a piece of jigsaw puzzle

We need this jigsaw puzzle to complete the game

Plink also got this feature where u can exchange pieces of puzzle with your friends.

You also can lock your puzzle pieces so that your friend can’t exchanging them away.
If piece of jigsaw your friends owned is locked, then u can copy that piece but it requires the gold coin to do that.

Each level will be completed faster if you can get combos

By obtaining combos you can get gold coins

Below is the functions of the icons on help

After we complete some levels, a mini game will appear and we got a chance to win and collect all the rewards

Anyway you can pause this game while you’re playing without losing your progress so that you can do anything else when you need it like peeing or something else lol

Gold coins you earned can be used to purchase items in the store, there are many useful items you can find there

There’s leaderboard where you can see your rank position and highscore

Or you can also buy some gold coins

Collect all the jigsaw puzzle pieces till the puzzle complete..
This game is simple yet challenging which will make you always wanting more
So try it out ! at